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China travel guide

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Find out what to see and do when travelling or backpacking around China.

China highlights

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Beijing, China
A must see when visiting China. Visit Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, sample Peking Duck, walk the Great Wall.
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Xian, China
An ancient capital of China, home of the Terracotta Warriors and one of the oldest and best preserved Chinese City Walls (which you can cycle along).
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Chengdu, China
Popular destination due to the giant pandas at the Panda Research centre just outside the city, also a great place to sample a Sichuan hotpot or visit the Chinese Opera.
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Lijiang, China
Pretty little village, with small winding canals and red lanterns. Home to the Naxi minority.
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Tiger Leaping Gorge, China
Tiger Leaping Gorge (Near Lijiang)
The most famous trekking spot in China, spectacular views of the gorge at an altitude of about 2500 meters. Most people do the trek in two days, and there are cosy little guesthouses dotted along the route.
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Yangshuo, China
Yangshuo & Guilin
Popular backpacker haunts, located on a river in the Karst mountain region. Hire a bike and explore, sail on a bamboo boat across the river, or hike through farm land.
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Ping'An, China
Ping'An is a small village (no cars allowed), highest altitude rice paddies in the world.
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Songpan, China
Small, picturesque town with Tibetan influences - Start point for horseback riding to Ice Mountain.
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Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong
Cosmopolitan City with many skyscrapers, 24 hour shopping, a dazzling array of food options and fishing towns where traditional Chinese junks are docked.
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Shanghai, China
Shanghai's furturistic skyline along the Bund is stunning. Modern, exciting Shanghai is a great contrast to busy, dirty Beijing and worth going to.
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