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Find out what to see and do when travelling or backpacking around Canada.

Canada highlights

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Toronto, Canada
Nestled against Lake Ontario, Toronto is Canada's largest city. Many travellers visit for the varied shopping and restaurants or the views from the famous CN Tower. There is also an abundance of sports to watch with Baseball, Ice Hockey and Basketball all represented by major teams.
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Quebec, Canada
Very much French-influenced, Quebec has a historical centre with numerous impressive sights including Chateau Frontenac, Dufferin Terrace and Place-Royale. You can jump on horse-drawn carriages or the Funicular railway if you get tired of walking around the walled city.
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Niagara Falls, Canada
Niagara Falls
Always busy with tourists, Niagara Falls is well worth visiting anyway due to the impressive volume of water cascading over the edge. There are various ways to get close to the action with trails, boat trips and even helicopter rides all available.
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Cape Breton, Canada
Cape Breton
This National Park in Nova Scotia is an amazing wilderness destination with an amazing variety of tundra, forest and sea views. The Cabot trail through the park can be completed on foot or by bike and you could see moose, beavers, pine martin or even the Canadian Lynx.
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Vancouver, Canada
A modern city surrounded by a beautiful natural environment with the Pacific Ocean on one side and Mountains on the other, Vancouver is a great place to visit. Enjoy the many bars, restaurants and exhibitions or wander through Stanley Park with cycling and walking trails. Skiing is also a prime pastime here and the huge Whistler ski resort is easily accessible from the city.
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