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The Andes Mountains, Chile

Find out what to see and do when travelling or backpacking around Chile.

Chile highlights

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Santiago, Chile
The capital of Chile, Santiago is also the cultural centre with districts such as Bellavista and Providencia offering visitors a choice of lovely small restaurants, cafes and art galleries. With the magnificent Andes mountain range as a backdrop, Santiago is an amazing place to explore with many beautiful churches and museums to visit. The mountains also provide a brilliant escape from the city as skiing, trekking and climbing are all available nearby.
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Easter Island, Chile
Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
Although over 3000km off Chile's coast, Easter Island was annexed in the nineteenth century as a special territory of Chile. Famous for the hundreds of ancient stone statues known as Moai, Easter Island is also an amazing destination for diving and surfing due to its isolation and clear waters.
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La Serena, Chile
La Serena
This town in Northern Chile offers an amazing coastline with mile after mile of sandy shores but it is not just for beach-lovers. The town itself has some charming architecture and there are a number of astronomical observatory tours available nearby in the Elqui Valley.
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Parque Nacional Lauca, Chile
Parque Nacional Lauca
Situated in Northern Chile, this National Park is worth visiting due to its high altitude and the multitude of sights on offer. Visitors are spoilt by a variety of lakes, hot springs and volcanoes and many species including flamingos, rheas, vicuna (a type of Llama) and the rat-like viscacha.
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San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
San Pedro de Atacama
This is the ideal base for exploring the Atacama Desert and the many beautiful sights on offer in the region. Do visit the large salt flats teeming with flamingos, amazing rock formations and geyser fields. The town itself is a relaxed and picturesque destination but is heavily set up as a tourist destination.
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Valparaiso, Chile
This small city is built on two levels, with the port district joined by the funicular elevators that take you to the old city in the hills. Valparaiso is the perfect place to explore on foot with the old, brightly coloured houses and chaotic streets the main draw for visitors.
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